Install osTicket in your Ubuntu

Hello Readers!!

Today we are going to know how to install & run osTicket , a open source(commercial too) Ticket management tool in your Ubuntu(Linux too).

Step 1: Open your terminal and run these below commands one after one.

sudo -i
aptitude install apache2 php5 libapache2-mod-php5 php5-imap
aptitude install mysql-server mysql-client php5-mysql
aptitude install phpmyadmin
aptitude install unzip

 php5enmod imap && sudo service apache2 restart

Those above commands will install Apache2,MySQL server,PHP, unzip software. If you dont aptitude installed you can install or instead you may use apt-get,yum similar tools.

Step 2: After installing , download osTicket from OS_Ticket_Download  and save it.

Step 3: Then Open your terminal and paste these commands one after one in your terminal

 mkdir /var/www/osticket
 mv  /var/www/osticket/

Step 4: Next change your directory to extracted osticket and then do following steps.

 mv /uploads/* /var/www/osticket/

Step 5: Now rename ost-config.sample.php to ost-config.php with

 /var/www/osticket/include/ost-config.sample.php /var/www/osticket/include/ost-config.php


Step 6: Now change permissions to global equal mode to ost-config.php with

chmod 777 /var/www/osticket/include/ost-config.php

Step 7: Then type as ifconfig to find your IP and then open your browser


From there you can follow remaining instructions with clicking at continue button.


Objective C Programming

Hello Readers!!

This week I am giving a start to Objective C Programming language. This a very famous and easy language to learn and the people who have learned this can lead to iPhone application Development and System  Application development too.

Actually this project has undertaken by and there we are grabbing the software we need to install from there only .

To move to download page you can click here.

There download GNUstep Startup , GNUstep Make ,GNUstep Base , GNUstep GUI , GNUstep Backend

There download the above mentioned software and install them with default order.

as I have seen you may need 500MB – 600 MB freespace in your system. In the next step , I will start you with how to write a program and compilation,run of it.

Hope that helps on installing Objective C in your windows.

No Support : Sony ends software support to S, ion, P, U, go and others

Hello All.

                      Sony announced that they are to stop support via software upgrades for few Xperia models which were released 18 -24 months below. These are the list of those mobiles.

 Xperia arc S
 Xperia S
 Xperia SL
 Xperia ion
 Xperia acro S
 Xperia go
 Xperia P
 Xperia J
 Xperia miro
 Xperia sola
 Xperia tipo
 Xperia U

What should we do now ?

Dont worry my friends Custom ROM’s are there. You can find many at xde-developers.

Hope that helps.