Install lshw in CentOS 6.X

While I am trying to use the command lshw in CentOS 6 , I just came to know that it is not installed and not available in main repo.

To install lshw in your CentOS PC .

1. Open Link :;O=D
2. Copy download link of latest rpm package
3. Install with yum rather than using rpm , if you use rpm then it will fail due to missing dependencies. so better to use yum.

# wget
# yum install lshw-2.17-1.el3.rf.i386.rpm

After installing you can use it, simply type as lshw in the terminal.

lshw – simple meaning is list hardware. It will list total information about hardware in your PC or Server.

It will give very big output , so you better choose the desired output by using grep.

For example I just want VGA information :

[root@localhost ~]# lshw | grep VGA
             description: VGA compatible controller
             product: SVGA II Adapter
[root@localhost ~]#


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