True transparency in CentOS

I have enabled transparency for my gnome terminal but I am always getting my desktop wallpaper as background of terminal after googling I found compiz missing.

Compiz is available in base repo itself.

sudo yum install compiz

After installing look for system-Preferences-WindowsTweak Manager and last option would give compiz and there enable transparency.


Getting load information via SSH

I have tried so many ways but finally happy with this


for i in localhost 127.0.01
ssh raja@$i ‘uptime | grep -o load.*’

The above script will produce load average from a remote system.

Restore Permission on Home directory

This Post I am taking from askubuntu , not answered by me but posting in my blog so that it can help others in future.

Note: This is the way like doing as undoing what you have done.

sudo chmod -x * -R
find . -type d

You will get an error like below 
find: 'xxxxx': Permission denied 

then do as
find . -type d -exec chmod +x {} \;