How to set password with vim

Setting password with vim editor is pretty simple .Open your terminal and type as

vim +X filename.txt

After it got opened it will ask for password, Enter same password two times and thats it. your file got protected by password. next you want to open it then you must now the password



Record Terminal session as text

I have gone through some wonderful command today named as script. You know what it do , it will simply record all your terminal sessions as text.

Usage : script <filename>


Screenshot - Monday 04 May 2015 - 06:22:01  IST

In the example you can see, after I typed as script terminal01 , its started storing all the text I am typing after it and its stopped doing that after I have typed exit.

I have seen the same what I have typed in the terminal with more terminal01 command. you can see it in the image.

Hope that helps.