chage : Linux Command

chage is a Linux command. chage is used to change user password expiry information.

1. To set every user must reset his password on his first login use command as

sudo chage -d0

2. To see when a user reset his password and when his password expires etc we can use below command

sudo chage -l

3.To set or modify last password reset date of a user this command

sudo chage -d 2010-09-10 testing

Screenshot - 10092015 - 12:29:21 AM

4.To set password expiry for a user , use this command

sudo chage -E 2015-10-10 testing

Screenshot - 10092015 - 12:32:05 AM

For more information , Please visit manpage :chage


awk : Linux command

=> How to turn column into row with each filed separated by comma

awk -vORS=, '{ print $2 }' file.txt | sed 's/,$/\n/'

and you can also use

echo "data" | awk -vORS=, '{ print $2 }' | sed 's/,$/\n/'

Thank you.